Hello (again) world!

It was a sunny day in mid September, Punky, our primitive little protagonist chimp awakes from a deep slumber in his cave.

He looks around him and realises millennia must have past by.

Immediately he shakes his wife, Stigmella, to awaken her.

He looks her deep in the eyes and says:


Hello and welcome back to the jungle

I’m Shaun (aka primitiveshaun),

A Web Designer & Developer with over 10 years experience across the full digital product lifecycle.

I’m the predominant driving force behind the Primitive brand. Both here at Primitive Digital, previously know as Primitive Web Design and over at Primitive Hosting, our sister site.

Combining creative intelligence with technical savvy.

We produce high performance, web platforms and measurable digital assets.

All done with style, panache and in playful, pertinent yet prudent ways.

After producing Enterprise and Corporate applications for the past few years I decided it was time to go back to my roots, give my Monkey a good dusting and once again release my chimp-army into the world!

Now taking on new projects, please do call…

Call 0113 314 8880 or email hi@primitivedigital.uk for more information.